Kissing is the beginning of most sexual encounters. Enjoy the anticipation of leaning in towards a high-class DFK escort in London, brushing her hair behind her ear as her breath grazes your lips, before the exciting and deliciously pleasant experience of your lips on hers. 

DFK, or deep French kissing, is just another form of kissing - admittedly, a pretty hot one. You’ll feel the brush of her tongue against yours and enjoy the taste of each other. it’s an exciting way to increase intimacy and to turn each other on without doing anything more just yet. Many escorts offer an additional charge for this service - but we promise that it will be worth it. 

Why DFK?

Kissing has a lot of health benefits. It releases endorphins (a feel-good hormone) and boosts your immune system. It’s also a great way to feel more connected to your partner, and an intimate way to get to know each other before you have sex - or simply something pleasurable to do whenever.

Many people, men and women included, enjoy the feeling of invading their partner’s mouth with their tongue, and their partner reciprocating. Your mouth is also full of nerve endings, meaning you’ll feel this kiss, in, well, more places than just your lips. You might also get the boost to your ego that we all want to hear - “You’re a good kisser!”

Take it slow - don’t just force your tongue into her mouth, and respond to the pace she sets. This will help her feel more comfortable with you and is likely to be a more pleasurable experience for both of you. 

You don’t need to do anything more sexual than this if you don’t wish to. Indulging in the services of an elite DFK escort can be a good part of the girlfriend experience - where you will feel safe and loved. Most men want to have a sexual encounter, but DFK is a good way to find out how compatible you are and a way to get to know each other better. 

How Do I Choose a DFK Escort in London?

We have a wide range of high-class DFK escorts in London. Take a look at the luscious lips on their profiles, as well as their gorgeous bodies. You can take your pick from various nationalities, eye colours, hair colours, and body shapes.

Will you choose a bombshell blonde, or a busty brunette? A tall athletic girl with striking eyes, or a curvy girl with a beautiful smile? Take your pick! Some girls are curvier than others, with bigger enhanced breasts. Whatever your dream girl is, you can find the perfect DFK escort London has for you. 

How Do I Book?

It’s easy! Choose a girl who enjoys DFK from her profile. Then choose her on the simple online booking form, with your date and time. Highlight that you’re interested in DFK, then just wait for the best night of your life - hopefully with lots of kissing.

Find your match today with Vax; one of the elite DFK escorts London has graced us with awaits your call.