Why High Class Escorts Are Worth Every Penny

Ever wondered why high class escorts are so expensive? And whether it's worth the money? Well, we're here to give you a definitive answer on why high-end companions come at such a premium and why it's worth every penny! In fact, we're confident that by the time you've finished reading this blog, you'll be desperate to book one of our high class London escorts

They’re educated

For starters, these women are intelligent and well-educated. They have gone to university or some form of higher education, and graduated with a degree, or they are currently pursuing their studies. They have professional jobs outside of being a high-class escort. This is a job they do purely because they enjoy it.

They’re skilled conversationalists

You can enjoy a conversation with our escorts about any topic you want. They’re well-versed in current affairs and make sparkling and witty conversation. You’ll definitely never be bored. They’re also comfortable and confident in themselves, and are able to deftly switch things up in a way that feels very natural. You’ll be completely put at ease in their presence.

They’re incredibly beautiful

No-one is perfect - except our high-class escorts. These stunning women have the time and money to invest in their already pretty flawless looks. They go to the gym and focus on their diet. They also purchase luxury skincare and make-up brands to accentuate their best features. But they were naturally born with thick glossy hair, beautiful eyes, large breasts and long legs. They just know how to make all of these features better.

They’re well-dressed

They’re able to blend in with a more exclusive crowd, making them the ideal date for a high-class social event. Their wardrobe is designer and they have an interest in luxury fashion and fragrance. They offer you a complete experience that goes beyond physical intimacy, and are used to luxury environments. You will be complimented on what an intelligent and classy woman she is. 

Discretion and privacy

Luxury elite escorts are used to working with a wide range of clients. However, they all tend to have one thing in common, and that’s money. When, for example, you are a well-known public figure or wealthy businessman, privacy and discretion are key. These escorts know how to seamlessly blend into a variety of social situations, where no one would ever guess that she is a paid escort. They will not give you away, nor will they ever share any details about who you are, or the time you spent together. This means that whatever happens truly stays between the two of you.

Social skills

These elite escorts are highly adaptable. They work with clients who come from a range of nationalities and cultures. They are able to quickly assess the needs of the client and adapt accordingly to become his perfect woman. Their intelligence also lends itself well to social situations making them the ideal companion. They can discuss film, music, fine art and food, as well as politics. 


These girls have apartments in luxury locations. Many live in Mayfair and Kensington. When meeting them for an incall, clients will be impressed at the setting they surround themselves with. Luxury items are easily available to them and they have good taste, meaning their decor is always on point, and many clients enjoy the experience of seeing how these girls live. They will also choose luxury high-end hotels. 


These high-class escorts are able to be choosy about their clients. They will take clients through referrals or through luxury agencies. They showcase their skills and talents to build a personal brand. Often, these exclusive escorts will be models, actresses, or have built a career through the pageant industry. 

More than just sex

High-class escorts are extremely skilled and know how to give you the ultimate pleasure. However, they are often booked for longer time blocks and are ideal travel companions for the GFE. They can make you feel loved, listened to and like the only man in the world for them. This enables their clients to build a genuine emotional connection. It’s not an easy thing to do - but these escorts are talented. They know the right moments to gaze into your eyes, lightly brush their foot against your leg, or touch you on the arm, with it feeling entirely natural. Many men who want affection and companionship choose high-class escorts for their skills in this area. 

The bottom line - these exclusive escorts are classy, intelligent and educated. They curate themselves to the smallest detail and have an elegance and grace that is innate. They are adaptable, flexible, and talented. They are luxury personified.