How Escorts Can Tackle A Loneliness Epidemic

How Often Do You Feel Lonely?

In England right now, 7.1% - around 3.83 million - people said they often feel ‘chronic loneliness’ - meaning they often feel lonely most of the time. It used to be thought that it was mainly people aged 65 and over who felt lonely - and it often is. However, 27% of young adults, aged 19 to 29, also reported feeling very lonely.

Humans are social creatures. We live with our families, or partners, often going on to create our own new little family. We own cats or dogs, who we love, care for, and connect with, which has been found to reduce loneliness. We visit friends, and make new ones, often at work. This boosts our self-esteem and makes us feel happier. We, unlike many animals, use sex as a form of recreation, relaxation and pleasure - instead of purely for procreation.

But what if there was an easy way to gain a human connection, alongside satiating the need to be physically close to someone else? This is where escorts come in.

What Are Escorts?

Escorts are professional, attractive women who offer many kinds of experiences - not only sex - in return for payment, much like any other service. These women, who are beautiful, intelligent and skilled, can offer both sex and companionship.

In the UK, being an escort is legal. The exchange of sexual services for money is legal in the UK, although owning or visiting a brothel is not. Many higher-class escort agencies are often female-owned, with women who have chosen to become an escort purely as a job they enjoy. 

Why Are We So Lonely Now?

Loneliness has become an epidemic in the UK that needs to be tackled. When covid hit, many people turned to home working. At first, many of us loved the autonomy and lots still do. But, over time, the effects were felt. We could no longer grab a quick drink after work, or bond with our new colleagues joining the company. We became isolated and weekly video chats often fell by the wayside as our managers and bosses gradually accepted the new status quo. Many new jobs are often listed as hybrid, or work from home. 

It’s Not Just Sex

So how can escorts help with this, especially those of us who live alone and don’t have a significant other? Firstly, you can use a site to choose the woman of your dreams. This can be incredibly specific - you can choose from specifications such as eye colour, hair colour, nationality, height, dress size, right down to breast size. It is like Build-a-Bear for living, breathing humans.

You can then decide what you want. Things such as sex, among certain other sexual acts (anal, oral sex) are often on the table. But, there are women available who will just kiss. There are also women available for just companionship. The two of you could embark on an activity together - such as for example, rock climbing. You could also then go for dinner and drinks and enjoy creating an authentic connection.

If you’re interested in sex but with an emotional connection, you can opt for our girlfriend experience service. In this case, you take your pick of the beautiful high class London escorts here on Vax! You can then go on a date, and enjoy getting to know each other, before returning to a hotel, or even your home, to have sex. The ‘girlfriend’ will make you feel seen, loved, and cared for, as well as often providing entertaining conversation. For men who are lonely, but don’t want the commitment of actually dating someone, either due to exhaustion, busy jobs, or a lack of interest, these services throw them a lifeline.

How Common Is Sex Work?

Somewhere between 7% to 11% of British men have used the services of an escort - meaning it’s much more common than you think. Negative perceptions towards escorts are also changing, meaning many women now see sex work as a valid job choice. Sites such as OnlyFans, where the women have control over their content have helped, and have led to sex-positive changes, including women-owned escort agencies that vet both their clients and their escorts. Women can simply apply online to join an agency. Sex workers also vary from young women, to mature women, but also trans and lesbian women. 

How Can Sex Help?

Also, sex comes with multiple benefits. Firstly, it reduces depression, which goes hand in hand with loneliness. It helps people feel more connected to each other - in couples, this is known as ‘pair bonding’ which strengthens a relationship. It also increases self-esteem to feel desirable and to engage with others. Sex also strengthens your immune system and works as a natural pain relief, alongside improving your blood pressure and the health of your heart. Lastly, sex, just like hugs (and orgasms) produces oxytocin.

This ‘feel good’ or ‘love’ hormone, is produced through any positive physical contact. This can be as simple as holding hands or petting a dog, to sex. Oxytocin results in a surge of positive emotion. 

You never know - visiting an escort could be just what you need. And what goes on behind closed doors can stay behind them…